Rhetorical Devices: Alliteration and Advertising

We listen and learn from the language we love, and when words that we write appeal to our ears, well, all the better.

Alliteration is simply the repetition of the sound at the beginning of a word, a powerful rhetorical device used by the masterful media and marketing madmen, the corporate kings, and the savviest saleswomen.

Why is it that carefully crafted product names, slogans, and jingles stick in our heads? It’s because they are music to our ears – the images that they invoke entice and excite us.

Alliteration is a clever memory device, and advertisers have been milking it for decades. 

The following brand names are so well-known, you can even see the logo in your head.
Dunkin’ Donuts. BlackBerry. Krispy Kreme. 
Land Rover became a household name with their slogan
“The best four by four by far”
Country Life Butter was perhaps inspired by children’s poetry with their clever line,
“You’ll never put a better bit of butter on your knife”.

Who could forget the charming Jennifer Love Hewitt as the poster girl for Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. Try saying it five times in a row!

Alliteration is not only a brilliant example of the rhetoric, it’s a clever tool for marketers, orators, and professional writers to deliver a powerful message with unbeatable staying power.

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